Classic Android Project - Live Wallpapers

So i’m working a project to combine “old android” with “new android”
Currently I am working on the Live Wallpapers as those are no longer included in newer android versions. I have managed to resign some Live wallpaper packages and have gotten them working on Android 9.0. Here are said live wallpapers:

My firmware is a stock Motorola android 9.0 ROM (Though heavily modified by me, google-less, bloat-less, has fully working LineageOS (And some AOSP) applications

Music Visualization Wallpapers (Spectrum, Waveform, VU and both) (Self explanatory in what they do…)

Black Hole (stars spin around the center glow)

Bubbles (Reacts to touch, bubbles avoid where the finger is touching.)

Grass (Time changes, grass moves as if there’s a breeze. Reacts to launcher page switches. Day and Sunrise/sunset background act odd. Happens with the night background too, but it’s less visible)

Magic Smoke (Works but color can’t be changed as it will crash when attempting to load the configuration menu)


(Works just fine, however the background has trouble displaying on larger displays/resolutions. The performance cap also shows on newer devices. A different variant on nexus (For a Sony Device) is hosted on APKMirror. It has not got the cap and the different background scales correctly. Reacts to touches and page switches)

Phase Beam (Works exactly how it used to, no touch responsiveness)

Update, by patching a few things in the manifest and classes.dex, Polar Clock now works!

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nice! can you make android water live wallpaper? like on image because when I try to run it up my device it crashes and doesn’t set the wallpaper :frowning:

also I have question if I could use your modified android live wallpapers for android 4.2 icons pack?

this project looks cool. i hope it will be ported to android 14!

What is the launcher you’re using

Trebutchet, the launcher that is on LineageOS

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Water contains scripts that are deprecated on newer android versions.

Would you like me to send an apk? (Not all is included as android has the others as separate packages)

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Well add the dead scripts into the app itself

foaming from the fucking mouth right now

I’m begging you send me the apks for those wallpapers ESPECIALLY the red one omfg pleasssseee