Cell phones in the 2000s Vs Now

I miss when things used to be simpler.



In design, yes, In use, ABSOLUTELY NOT! :laughing:
I have some janky SFR (Local FAI/ISP) phone and the buttons are so fudgin’ small they’re cute.

But what about MOTO MOTO ??? :worried:

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2000s cell phones really sucks but 2000s PDA is very cool think

I have old wm PDA but unfortunately it’s screen is broken:(

And remember when everyone’s phones looked unique? Nowadays you can only put a dumb case on your phone.


Exactly that’s why 2000s phones were better they were unique, and you could tell a lot about a person just by their phone back then. Back then phones had a lot more personality.

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I don’t disagree at all, but at least I’m happy to know there is still a little bit of innovation going on, for example, foldables (Galaxy Fold/Flip), multiple screens (Surface Duo), or keyboards[1] (F(x)tec Pro1).

The other day I was walking through the mall, and as I passed a phone kiosk, I saw a well-dressed middle-aged woman trying to buy a phone. She was pointing excitedly at the large picture behind the salesman, which had the different coloured iPhones lined up, “i want the green one! The green one!!,” she exclaimed loudly over and over. The salesman assured her that he did have a green one, but it was in their storage area and that he would have to get it. I was amused as I hadn’t seen someone so excited about a phone in a long time. I guess she really likes green.

  1. Okay, in fairness this is keeping alive something we had before (that I miss terribly) ↩︎


2000s phones may be cool but i never understanded how to use them, this was the phone i grew up with, the ipod touch third generation

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Thats probably because you’re a zoomer,

My sister still has a Nokia 3220:

The UI is fairly difficult to use due to the middle 4-way rocker button. To get to the main menu you have to press in exactly in the middle of the button, and it tends to want to press in on one of the other directions, which then opens other options like call history or SMS. It’s nothing a person can’t get used to, but it’s not easy for anyone to pick up and use.

It’s almost 18 years old and still works, albeit with crappy battery life now.

One interesting feature is that the back is fully removable and is made of transparent plastic, so you can cut out any piece of paper and that becomes the back image. The packaging contained a cutout to make these easy to make. Also, when a phone call comes in, the sides of the phone contain LEDs which do a synchronized light show with the ringtone selected.


I am too, yet I had some crap phone and it was okay, but putting a whole bunch keyboard on there is too much however, if there was a tablet with a mech keyboard add-on…

One of my bigger disappointments about the Surface Neo being killed off (although for good reasons) was the snap on keyboard.

Back to phones though, there was the Typo Keyboard:

Which was a physical keyboard accessory that slipped over the iPhone screen. For those unaware, BlackBerry sued them and the product was discontinued. That probably killed a lot of possible future designs.

You don’t carry around a full sized keyboard and plug it in with a USB adapter? Wow.

I may be a zoomer, but i atleast know how to use 110 year old phones



Yes indeed:


That sounds wholesome

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I had this for a while until I lost it. The back fell off so I only have that now lol

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My grandma has one of those.
I love how the LEDs go crazy when she gets a call.

I am looking at getting a Nokia 6600 soon.

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