Can't login into MSN Messanger 7.5

I’m having issues with the login on MSN Messanger 7.5. The strange thing is that it gets the profile picture correctly, but can’t log in somehow.

The error code is 81000306

I tried to disable the SSL (both 2.0 and 3.0) and TSL (1.0, i have enabled only 1.1 and 1.2), i even tried to unlock from the firewall the ports 1863 and 1864, but i still get that error.

Messanger version: MSN Messanger 7.5, prepatched (italian version)

Windows version: Windows XP Home Edition SP3 (POSready 2009 updates enabled)

Usually, that means on XP that the HTTPS connection to login servers failed (because TLS isn’t enforced 99% of the time outside of IE). It takes several login attempts for XP to successfully log in.

Alternatively, you can get an HTTPS proxy that makes modern HTTPS on XP more reliable from this thread.

I tried downloading the HTTPS proxy, but unfortunally the Zippyshare link seems dead.
P.S: i discovered Zippyshare is blocked in Italy for unknown reasons

The MSN Messenger clients fail to sign in with Escargot 90% of the time on Windows XP.

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What does this error means? Did i forgot to do something to fix the issue?

are you using the (pre) patched version of MSN/WLM?

Yes, i use the prepatched italian version. I downloaded it from the Escargot site

Hmm,Did you install the proxy correctly with “Proxy Install”?

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