Can I install Windows 2000 professional into a new laptop with 4 GB ram?

Hello everyone!

I will receive a “santa’s price” wich will be a new laptop with an intel core i3 proccesor, 1 TB of HardDisk space and 4 GB ram. The question is that if I can install Windows 2000 professional into this laptop.

Thanks to the nice ones who will resolve my problem! And goodbye!


I believe it can.

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again, 32 bit Windows were limited to 4GB of ram :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah im pretty sure windows 2000 server has a x64 version

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no there isn’t :stuck_out_tongue: But Microsoft planned to release a 64-bit version of Windows 2000 , which would run on 64-bit Intel Itanium microprocessors

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advanced server supports up to 8gb of ram

Just no

But, what if I try to install it with the 32 bits version??? I think so it will just work fine :slight_smile:

Real men use 2k advanced server. :wink:


Do you really think that it will work???

depending on the processor, best to keep within haswell and below

And if there are drivers for 2k (XP drivers may work if you’re lucky)

yeah it doesn’t sound like he has xp drivers at all

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If it’s a modern computer, good chance it won’t work.
espically if it’s UEFI

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but…you can install Windows XP,Vista,7

I think it’s better to get a virtual machine.

If the hardware is new I think it can’t be installed there as Windows 2000 is adapted to hardware from the time of its release, which has been done a long time ago. Driver support is very important so you wouldn’t be able to have certain things. As Windows 2000 is a x86 OS it’s not able to detect more than 4gb of RAM, so it may show that you have less than that, unless it’s a patched Server version (If I’m not mistaken with a patch the server versions of Windows 2000 could use up to 8gb of ram).

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i found this in some beta of windows server 2003, a fucking about windows header for windows 2000 personal x64

i’m aware :stuck_out_tongue: