Azure Windows Live Messenger


Hi! i readed about AMSN (Azure Msn Messenger) so i wanted to make the same witha new design and a rebrand

Integration with Escargot Spaces
Connect to Escargot Today
Offline IMs
Add Yahoo (OHTIMTG) contacts and AIM contacts
The information bar is just now a icon
Connect with office (enterpises only)
Read mail in AZWLM Window
New Addon: "Azure Messenger Plus!"
Like in Mercury messenger you can change the protocol: MSNP11 MSNP 15 (default) MSNP18* and MSNP21*
It has his own about window:

  • MSNP18 and 21 are not yet in Escargot

Sorry but the app is just an image not a program made in Visual Basic
The project will start if @TReKiE @valtron and @Patchou agrees

Thanks :smile:


Please don’t pull that again. The last time someone did that, everyone else wasn’t impressed.

Other than that, no need to ask those guys for permission. They don’t own Messenger or Microsoft, nor do they want to restrict these kinds of derivative projects. Plus, there are already third-party clients that utilized MSNP or other IM protocols (e.g., Pidgin). Just make it become a reality, is all I say. :smile:


Ok just only @valtron because to connect the server to the app


Microsoft didn’t care when the third-party IM clients I mentioned connected to their server.

So why should you ask @valtron for permission to connect to his MSNP server? Pidgin and the like already exist, and can work with Escargot, so stop worrying. :stuck_out_tongue:


is about to CONNECT, no para pedir permiso (en ingles)


On which project?


WIth @Roussafi_Omar’s WLM 2017 project.


if you want a good design form i can help you


Hi @Luis_Leandro I see that the title looks like an azure MSN Messenger and took advantage of my long absence in the world of msn and if you’re helping me I thank you by cons this is my project that you copied with the title and my idea so I’m waiting for an explanation of all this thank you for your understanding and if you do not want to talk about it in me I said to myself @Trekie or I’ll tell you


It’s BASED on it, just that

Ps: 15 days later, my pc has stopped working and in needed to repair it


I want a UWP version of Azure Windows Live Messenger.


you mean 15 days ago?


Lol i dont think this project is going anywhere


stop necrobumping this post


r u talking to me?


That isn’t possible unless the Escargot server supports it. :cat2: