Escargot server don't work with msnsharp?

@TReKiE @Patchou @valtron @Deathlife23
when i click to connect they loading but they don’t connect and they don’t stop loading

@Roussafi_Omar Patchou is not related to this project, and valtron is away. will not work anymore, and Escargot currently does not support the HTTP gateway. What MSNP version is msnsharp using?

msnsharp use MSNP21 BUT I remplace it with escargot server but they don’t work (i connect from normal server(escargot) not Gateway)

Escargot currently supports up to MSNP12. Support for MSNP13 and newer protocols is planned.

Well what’s the solution ? @mynetx

the solution is that you need to wait actually 10 years before that stupid valtron will complete the project.
and yes, i hate valtron now.

This means that I also have to stop the Messenger project because it will never be completed before 10 years ago

@Deathlife23 Harrassing is not a solution.
We’re actively working on the project, it’s just invisible to you for the moment. And yes, I’m part of it and contributing, so I should know about its progress. We recently coded a new receiver and endpoint for display pictures, as their storage system is different from WLM 8.1 onwards.


this message explains the “3 weeks ago” on Valtron’s GitLab profile for new users, server development continues even if the orignal project creator is not online in some places (forums seems to have the biggest impact of this.) development will still continue, maybe from a group of users (refrered as “Contributers”.), so don’t worry about the development of your favorite project (in this case, Escargot.) being stuck in missing development.

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are you talking with valtron.when hes gonna be back.he said he had a project until november. now its 9/11/ wheres he? hes not respond even e-mails.!

@alzcore397 He’s really busy with other important and real-life stuff, so don’t worry about it. For important stuff he will surface from time to time.

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believe me its very important the support of WLMx platforms…people are constantly leaving escargot. 7.5 is too old for 2017

I understand – and we’re doing our best. :slight_smile:


so, is possible to share the MSNP that use Escargot MSN? I say this cause I tried the same and it isn’t working. May be, is confidential?

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It’s not ready yet. Working on Offline Messaging for now.

great news to know, may only use the newer protocols via mercury messenger.

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