[Archive] After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!

make that a lot fuckin’ quicker my dude

Woah, chill up. Is not that easy put wlm 2009 working on escargot.


It still is quicker than nothing, let’s just hope things don’t get stuck again

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Something new?

If you dont see any updates at this topic, then no. :slight_smile:


'09’s done, I think yahoo 5.5’s also done, so what’s remaining are the installers.

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and the server side stuff which iirc trekies handling it

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@TReKiE’s got DB migrations figured out according to valtron. Yay for progress finally. Hoping figuring out assembly for the new client patches are the next thing to get out of the way.


estimated release date (ik theres not an actual one): spring or summer 2020

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Yeah I wouldn’t jump onto doing that just yet. Yes we got one single part out of many we have to get done for WLM 2009 support out of the way, but really IDK when things will speed up and stay that way for even me to estimate a release date.


im on summer where is my wlm

No estimated dates should be made as it’s unclear whenever it will be actually going live :stuck_out_tongue:


Excitement’s building lads :smiley:
It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here lmao


Starting work on mapping out how client patches should be carried out for WLM. When I can decide on how that’ll be carried out I’ll look into mapping out the process for Yahoo! Messenger and hope to convince valtron and maybe some other people to work with me and finalize the patches so that we can get the upcoming release… released! (There’s only migrating the actual schema to the upcoming one and rolling out the server software on our live instance past that point)


i should totally powerpoint a roadmap of the progression on this entire crisis of a project


90% completion (saying the progress, also there’s no need in rage).

im very excited for WLM 2009, because it was litterally the best version in my opionion. GIF avatars, custom backgrounds that can be seen with others, and more. It was just a fantastic version of the Messenger. Hopefully we can get it before summer. That’d be fantastic!


Any news about the release date and msn 2009 development? (Sorry if i am asking again)

I’ve already mapped out how the client patches should be carried out, and I just started doing more refining of the installer disassembly process with @TReKiE. Hoping I can still get the others involved with putting this all together.