Anyone play any instruments here?

I’m just curious! this fourm has a strange mix of people.

I myself play guitar and keyboard!

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I’m not really good at instruments, but I’d really like to be! I do know a bit of keyboard/piano but not enough to say I could play.

Oh nice nice!

I would love to own a Yamaha or Casio keyboard for some synth mixes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used to play on piano and synthetizer

i can play bass and guitar, albeit i’m skilled at neither.

I can play the piano, however I can only play Flea Waltz.

i play guitar, but not well (see What Can Go Wrong in that thread for more info)


oh yeah, only at making shitty partscasters and play van halen endlessly

I own a midi keyboard that I sometimes randomly press buttons on, but I’ve never had any lessons LOL
My dad was a drummer for a very long time throughout my life, it was only semi-recently when he quit playing, but that also means that I have a ton of experience with percussion in general.
In middle school, I also played percussion in our band class. That included playing a xylophone, so I can play that, but I’m very rusty.

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a bump i can contribute to : P
I play bass guitar, cello, and piano proficiently
and occasionally i try to learn individual songs on a regular guitar