Anyone have a WLE 2010 2011?

The Question is In The Title

I would recommend getting 2012 since it was the last version, prob just have much more features

Oldapps is bad use oldversion

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how is it bad…?

Dude Google makes a crash

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Please Do Not Talk Like This

If the purpose of getting WLE is for Messenger, then those versions obviously won’t work yet as they’re not supported by Escargot. Best to wait when that’s officially supported.

Please, scram off. You and your buddy have harassed him enough.


He’s Right If You Continue No Longer Shadow And No Longer XP Live!

Here is the download link of Windows Live Essentials 2011:

There’s no WLE 2010, or if you thought WLE 2009 then here as well: Windows Live Essentials 2009 (14.0.8117.416) ENG Offline Installer Link

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we get it you partake in cvm culture
but this forum isnt a no mans land

You littearly just linked my copy of a version of Shadow’s geekia article that shadow edited (that was disapproved off by the Geekia staff)

I didn’t even wrote it, it was shadow

His Enemies Are: The Toxic Gang,Azeem_Hadrie,icanttellyou (firefox vs chrome) and PF94 (formerly)

This counts as harassement by me/ICTY?

You do realize the link was supposed to be a pointer to when it started? It’s not about your post specifically.


Yes, it’s dumb, but nowhere near harassment. It’s not like he’s been accusing you of stuff because of some arbitrary things.

The fuck? I littearly just said if you thought the “his enemies” propaganda was me “”“harrasing”"".

Uh… That wasn’t even written by you, so I don’t know how that counts as you harassing anyone.

Anyway I’m done with this.