And... Goodbye Windows 7


Yep… Next year we will say: “Goodbye” to the best OS after Windows XP :c

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Not really “the best”. As you all know 9999999% of this world hates Vista. And 7 is basicly Vista beloved edition. Jesus you will be able to install POSReady 7 updates to be updated until 2021(by the time im already going to be a 10th grader lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same laptop as I am using lol
Pretty sad but not the best


7 ins’t my favorite OS by any means, but this is still very sad, as 7 is the last OS with the old microsoft style, i will sure miss it since i do have some nostalgic memories with it


Sometimes MS needs to listen to their users and not do what they want and what users don’t want :stuck_out_tongue:

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maybe microsoft thinks ‘‘what the users want’’ don’t give money or something like that, we will never know what microsoft thinks :man_shrugging:


1995-2007 was probably the golden age of MS when they actually listened to their users and less buggy updates were :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe 1992 - 2007 because w3.1 was great for its time


Time to upgrade to Windows 10 for some extremely shitty flat design and government spying, Thanks Microsoft.


not that bullshit lie again

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Of course it is a lie, it’s 100% fabrication. Now please give me your GPS location and let me automatically check settings that give information to Microsoft without your approval.


That thing about the automatically checked options is actually true. I don’t remember if I saw that installing Windows 8.1 or 10, but it did have some options about sending information automatically selected, and then had some more in a somewhat hidden option that you could easily miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The same with making a local user account instead of signing in to Windows with an email, there was an option with very small text on a corner that let you do that, but it was relatively easy to miss. Pretty shady stuff.


nooooo :(((((((((


i mean you have to pay for support until 2023 but :man_shrugging:


for me best is windows xp

i know end update in 9 april 2019 but not problem for me


Windows XP is better than Windows 7 IMO


vista is better than xp, just like 2000, and 7 is paired with vista sp2


Vista would be sucessfull if

  1. Didn’t require too much system resources
  2. The computers would be more advanced on that time

If you try Vista ona VM with 2GB’s and 256MB of VideoRam optionally Acelerated 2D Graphics You will love it

Win7 Was succesfull because after vista, Computer manufacters were forced to upgrade their hardware but ASAP so Yeah

edit: Also it didn’t help that no os upgrade was found until 8 yrs after xp relase


those are also the years when microsoft was so dominant in the pc market that they could do whatever they wanted, vista contributed to change that