Alert! Sensitive content! Someone started to send me messages in WLM saying that his name is Jonathan Gay and he is 6 years old

Hello… Everyone.

Before starting this, let me tell you that that this could be sensitive content and that it could hurt the feelings of certain people

Today, I’m going to say something… Something, that I think @TReKiE won’t like.

One day, I was chatting with a friend in WLM 8.5… Until, suddenly, someone send me a message saying this:

Helo, ai am Jonathan Gay, and ai am six yrz old…

I was very confused… And… This happened a long time ago, and I didn’t know if I had to post this, due to my fear to be flagged by the comunity… However, I didn’t make any screenshot, but I’m sure someone is doing this, and its disappoiting and pointless… If someone had the same experience as me, please, leave a comment and the screenshot.

And remember:

If someone send you a message saying that he is Jonathan Gay, Beware of him! And block the contact, run away, or close WLM for a long time…





are you fucking kidding me, how immature people can be nowadays just suprises me


Thats right! and… I am so sorry about @TReKiE

Just asking, did you happen to see the name of the person who sent the messages? I feel like I might know who this is. No guarantees, though.

look whos talking


Unfortunately, I don’t remember…

Plus! chat logs, or anything like that don’t help?

I don’t think so, this happened before I installed Plus!

lmfao it’s just a troll, just block him, no need to make a big fuss about it


what if hes right, ive already seen this

wait, it isn’t a real news article and it’s a meme instead???
noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I can’t believe this!!! : (


Wong, wrong, WROOONG… Its real… This HAPPENED to me(notice that I’m not being loud)

Its simplu incredible that no one(or many) of you don’t trust me. . . WHY?

do you not know he was responding to this

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do you have his msn email , if you do , i will block him from my msn

lmao it’s just a troll, why make such a big deal out of this


why make fun of my trekie-senpai you shall be kil >:((((((( /s

@TReKiE is definetly NOT gonna like your replies