About the '' skype sucks '' thing

To start you should not be spamming this in topics related to skype, I am 100% sure that you just hate skype because you think that ‘’ he killed msn ‘’ so I’m going to say something
skype did not kill MSN
Microsoft that killed MSN
it was she who bought the skype and it was she who killed MSN and put the skype in place
and thinking well that makes a lot of sense, msn was losing users and skype was doing a lot of success
so that’s it, stop spamming ‘’ skype sucks’

This post was done in google translate, if there is an english error, it’s his fault


From now on they will shut up: P

Lol i hate, skype because its bad not like i dont care about ms. Im rather use, msn than, skype

its okay that you dont like skype , but you should not spam this in skypes related posts

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Welp your right

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Most likely not. Also considering there is one adult AFAIK that thinks with that trashy logic, along with his vendetta against kids, most likely for “ruining muh childhood”, like he recently practiced with the OP when he just asked a simple question about MSN Spaces. :confused:


I don’t have any problem with people expressing a point of view, but there needs to be points/evidence to prove that opinion and in particular within the context of a thread’s topic. In other words, you need to say why something sucks and how that relates to what’s being discussed.

For example, in this thread, one could argue that “Skype sucks” because the newer Skype versions have poor performance, and thus adding a new feature would likely make that problem worse.

Citing statements of opinion over and over without evidence might get you elected as President of the United States, but I think we should have higher standards :stuck_out_tongue:.


yes , you are totally right , but the poblem is , people dont give arguements to prove why them think something is bad , for example

he dont say why skype is bad , he just says ‘’ i hate skype because its bad ‘’ but why its bad ?

I don’t want to imagine the MessengerGeek variation of Trump LOL.

Deathlife is MG Trump TBH. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah skype does not killed msn. And nobody uses skype. Everybody using Facebook Messenger or ts3/discord.

LOL are you exactly sure that NOBODY is using Skype et al? I’ve heard that it’s usage is declining, and it still isn’t my favourite IM (I can tolerate it at best), but far from abandoned and “replaced” with more modern applications.



WOW are people abusing Discord and TeamSpeak’s DM features and calling them IMs, yet their primary uses were and still are for glorified chatrooms, or “servers”, akin to IRC (in Discord’s case, however, the “servers” hosting that stuff are Discord’s and not your own).

To this day, I still don’t know why people call them IMs for that one feature. Even though the Discord DM feature has its own screen sharing and webcam capabilities, regardless, I don’t think that makes IMing their primary vocal points.

Also, Facebook Messenger.

Considering Facebook’s very controversial events surrounding their invasion of users’ privacy, plus the fact that I don’t really like Facebook in general, I’d be better staying away from it, thank you very much.

or telegram

iam nobody

Ok, it use a million users of billions.

He always does that with anything
“Windows xp is the best , vista sucks” Why vista sucks he replies with " XP IS THE BEST HAHAHA"
So dont mind him

people will always think that replys like this start flame wars , so dont be surprised if one flame war start right now

Yeah I know it happened a lot, they think I’m “attacking him” but I am just telling the truth tbh so i won’t really be surprised if a war starts right now