About AOL dial-up

Can someone revive AOL dial-up?
If so, we could save the dial-up service to make it work… so, pin this.

If you’re interested going all around the globe setting up wires locating back to a central building running 24/7 and ever-so-increasing the energy bill to thousands, while needlessly fumbling over the dial-up server setup for months, then sure.

Also, IIRC, AOL still offers dial-up. It’s just going to take some more time to locate.

P.S.: I could revive WebTV sometime… or another, I could have to also make ISeeToTheQ
(which is an ICQ user which will be me of course).

There was a thread regarding the possibility of that. Here are my thoughts on what the OP had to say: https://wink.messengergeek.com/t/any-plans-for-an-msntv-replacement-server/2297/20?u=ohhellothereimtheguy.

One, it’s ICQ, not ISeeToTheQ and two, Escargot could make room for an ICQ frontend, but the protocol for it before it utilized the OSCAR protocol is so undocumented that I could only implement the very few authentication commands that are documented before getting stuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

First, ICQ frontend will actually be at icq1.escargot.log1p.xyz, and second, ISeeToTheQ is actually my ICQ chatroom nickname.

That’s not how we do URL patching.

When I was deciding on what the Yahoo! frontend’s URL should be, I went with m1.escargot.log1p.xyz, as I assumed that the server config was done in the registry. But after some API monitoring, I found out that the server URL was stuffed inside one of Yahoo! Messenger’s DLLs. Since we can’t go past the length of the original URL, I had to brainstorm a replacement server URL to fit the original server URL.

With that said, I have also seen the URL ICQ used to connect to, and we have no other choice but to create a new URL for an ICQ frontend server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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doesn’t ICQ classic still connect to the servers?

That’s for versions 2001B and above. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, you can’t obtain UINs anymore anyways, so probably no use to use 2001B+ unless you already have a UIN. So why the heck not create a replacement ICQ server? :stuck_out_tongue:

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can’t tell if irony or actually being real

I’m serious.

then what’s the point of using it then if you can’t even get a ORIGINAL feature that was there since the beginning?

The closest you can get is registering with your phone number, but you probably can’t log in with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, here’s ICQ’s help article on registering: https://icq.com/support/pc/start/reg/en.

Nothing regarding a UIN being generated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, icq, it was our favorite in Russia, but later there were normal VKontakte messages and almost all went there

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If you want to know escargot.log1p.xyz is a subdomain so it’s possible to make a subdomain out of another subdomain? Very strange in my opinion…

Then icq1.escargot is the name of the subdomain then.