About AOL dial-up

Can someone revive AOL dial-up?
If so, we could save the dial-up service to make it work… so, pin this.

If you’re interested going all around the globe setting up wires locating back to a central building running 24/7 and ever-so-increasing the energy bill to thousands, while needlessly fumbling over the dial-up server setup for months, then sure.

Also, IIRC, AOL still offers dial-up. It’s just going to take some more time to locate.

P.S.: I could revive WebTV sometime… or another, I could have to also make ISeeToTheQ
(which is an ICQ user which will be me of course).

There was a thread regarding the possibility of that. Here are my thoughts on what the OP had to say: https://wink.messengergeek.com/t/any-plans-for-an-msntv-replacement-server/2297/20?u=ohhellothereimtheguy.

One, it’s ICQ, not ISeeToTheQ and two, Escargot could make room for an ICQ frontend, but the protocol for it before it utilized the OSCAR protocol is so undocumented that I could only implement the very few authentication commands that are documented before getting stuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

First, ICQ frontend will actually be at icq1.escargot.log1p.xyz, and second, ISeeToTheQ is actually my ICQ chatroom nickname.

That’s not how we do URL patching.

When I was deciding on what the Yahoo! frontend’s URL should be, I went with m1.escargot.log1p.xyz, as I assumed that the server config was done in the registry. But after some API monitoring, I found out that the server URL was stuffed inside one of Yahoo! Messenger’s DLLs. Since we can’t go past the length of the original URL, I had to brainstorm a replacement server URL to fit the original server URL.

With that said, I have also seen the URL ICQ used to connect to, and we have no other choice but to create a new URL for an ICQ frontend server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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doesn’t ICQ classic still connect to the servers?

That’s for versions 2001B and above. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, you can’t obtain UINs anymore anyways, so probably no use to use 2001B+ unless you already have a UIN. So why the heck not create a replacement ICQ server? :stuck_out_tongue:

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can’t tell if irony or actually being real

I’m serious.

then what’s the point of using it then if you can’t even get a ORIGINAL feature that was there since the beginning?

The closest you can get is registering with your phone number, but you probably can’t log in with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, here’s ICQ’s help article on registering: ICQ.

Nothing regarding a UIN being generated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, icq, it was our favorite in Russia, but later there were normal VKontakte messages and almost all went there

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If you want to know escargot.log1p.xyz is a subdomain so it’s possible to make a subdomain out of another subdomain? Very strange in my opinion…

Then icq1.escargot is the name of the subdomain then.

(absolutely late post/bump)

You don’t need to save/revive AOL dial-up. Just use DreamPi or something along the lines of that.

theres already an aol revival https://www.aolemu.com/

That’s not exactly a revival. More of a “recreation” that emulates the interface, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a revival. Comes off as too misleading.

Also the program requires .NET Framework 4.6, which obviously was made way after the AOL software had run its course, and doesn’t work on older OSes anyway.


It used to require 4.6.1, but i’ve somehow able to request it to be 4.6, for Vista support (even though i ended up moving on and forgetting about it after noticing the owner may be harsh). But then, most people want to use a era-appropriate OS for AOL dial-up, seems out of place to have “You got mail!” on Windows 10.