Any plans for an MSNTV-replacement server?

and in all languages

if anyone could mod a MSNTV, it will be the only person who knows how to mod a WebTV/MSNTV anymore anyway

oh right you want a server… should just be special HTML pages, for connection, you may need a thing that can make a virtual dial-up port, and it can connect to Ethernet to bridge (if you understand)



please god no

Hmm, that would be interesting. Only problem is that the original WebTV/MSNTV was an in-house set-top box with a proprietary OS (which runs on a 64-bit MIPS CPU). Unless someone could hack the ROM to make it connect to a different server and flash it back on the WebTV (WebTV’s OS is stored on nonvolatile memory), we can only dream.

As for the MSNTV2, it’s basically a glorified Windows CE device, so we’ll have to see what we can do with that.

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You ever looked at mattman and hacktv

you finally posted the link to mattman, however, i’ve seen less MSNTV and more other stuff

Just click videos go for oldest by date then scroll down

last time he posted HackTV was a little over 3 YEARS ago.
i don’t think that helps.

Fine ill post another link WebTV MsnTV Secret Pics - Info (Preview, Upgrades, Hidden Accounts, Webtv Hacking Pics)

still same problem with the last updated 3 years ago.

theres surely enought files on this website that can recreate this somehow Msntv/Webtv Images Source Codes

I’d totally buy an MSNTV Unit just for this.

Same. Anyways, any updates?

this has gotten a whole zero updates, mainly because it’s somewhat unviable

Le bump because i don’t know, MSNTV might never be revived because. I have no idea and it looks too complex.


what about if we just change our DNS entries to fool MSNTV its connecting to original servers

The original servers have probably been dead for years.