About accounts modernisation

Problem description: I logged in and they asked me to modernise my account so I did. Everything was fine until I logged back in and talked to one of my contact. He told me he sees me offline even if I’m online talking to him. Like I wasn’t in his contact list anymore. It’s like I can see all my contacts but they can’t. Is it because they did not modernise their accounts? I like the idea of modernising accounts but I’m kind of disappointed I lost all my custom emoticons and profile pics.

Error code/error message: No error code

What has been tried so far: Pretty much everything I could

Messenger version: 7.5

Windows version Windows 10

*Sorry for my english, I speak french.

This is a known issue, as mentioned in another post of mine:

In other words, your friend needs to log out and log back in, otherwise he won’t see his updated contacts. It’s an unfortunate issue, but as I said, we can’t do much about it. Luckily it isn’t a permanent problem and will end when modernization is over with.

I’m sorry you lost some things, but this was a necessary step, and at least it won’t happen again. We can guarantee that this is the only time you will ever need to do this.


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: