On not receiving Escargot activation emails

Some of the activation emails, especially those to hotmail or other Microsoft-based services are not getting through, but the problem seems to be intermittent as most people are getting them.

Therefore if you try to activate and have a hotmail or similar email address and your activation link does not show up within an hour (be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder!) you can either let us know on our Discord, or just wait, because a few times a day we are manually activating these accounts if.

Either way your account won’t sit in limbo forever if you don’t receive your activation email, it may just take a little bit for us to manually do it.

Feel free to pass this information along to anyone having issues. We’ve activated accounts stuck without receiving an email so if you never received yours, you should be able to login with your username@escargot.chat login, or just username on Yahoo.

Further, because MSN lacks the ability for us to update contacts for users currently online, anyone on your contact list who modernizes won’t show up until the next time you login. It’s an inconvenience, but as the most active users modernize, it’ll become less of a problem.

P.S. You may also want to update your contact information on our Discord or on this forum with your new @escargot.chat identity if you want people to still find you.

This will be the last time you’ll have to do something like this, but when it’s over, we’ll be able to bring you a lot more.

P.P.S. If you wish support for Escargot from us, please use our Discord, we aren’t typically available on these forums.