3 reports on the Messenger problem

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m talking to the translator, so I speak naturally in Spanish. I don’t know if this goes in the category, but I’m here to report one of the following.

  1. I had posted a personal message, but I had deleted it. Since a contact told me that I see the personal message in the contact list.

  1. When I have added a person, the window for accepting or not accepting the request does not appear. But when I have added that person, the window appears when I have added that person.

  1. When I start the messenger, it appears through this window.

I’m waiting for answers on the subject.

this should fix it

впринципе да

That was a test, so it was a translation. Because of the bug.

It doesnt fix the script issue for me :S

you have internet explorer 11 installed? if not go install it

Do you understand that this affects all versions of ie afaik

i never got this error after doing everthing on TReKiE’s post and having IE 11 installed


You need to run reg file to fix it.
It’s worked for me but you need to restart it, and Must use IE11 or newer…

Still,it doesnt work :confused:

It doesnt work for me even if i run the reg file and restart everything… And i also have IE11 but i still receive the error script everytime i loggin on msn… But in the past i already did this step with the REG file and the prob was fixed… But it recently reappears without i knowing why :frowning: But at least wlm is still usable…

Yeah, it’s sometime happened to me too, even I already downloaded it.