3 reports on the Messenger problem


Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m talking to the translator, so I speak naturally in Spanish. I don’t know if this goes in the category, but I’m here to report one of the following.

  1. I had posted a personal message, but I had deleted it. Since a contact told me that I see the personal message in the contact list.

  1. When I have added a person, the window for accepting or not accepting the request does not appear. But when I have added that person, the window appears when I have added that person.

  1. When I start the messenger, it appears through this window.

I’m waiting for answers on the subject.


this should fix it


впринципе да


That was a test, so it was a translation. Because of the bug.


It doesnt fix the script issue for me :S


you have internet explorer 11 installed? if not go install it


Do you understand that this affects all versions of ie afaik


i never got this error after doing everthing on TReKiE’s post and having IE 11 installed