Zune software plugin for WLM 8.5?

My main media player application is the Zune software, because 1. I like the interface and 2. it’s MUCH less laggy than the other ones I’ve used. I’ve been trying to find a Zune Now Playing plugin for WLM, but I haven’t found a single one so far. Does anyone here know of one, and if not, is there anyone on this server who might have the technical know-how to possibly make one?

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The codeplex archive is fucked, it just randomly jumbles archived shit into a mess.

I might have found the exe file (by renaming the only file in that releases folder on the archive) but it appears to be broken.

ZNP (might not work).exe (60.5 KB)

Thanks! I’ll test it once I have access to my PC.

So the app does work, however it doesn’t actually interface with WLM at all since that’s not what it’s actually supposed to do. It just writes the Now Playing values to the Windows registry and leaves them there. So all I need now is for someone to write a plugin that grabs those values and adds them to my WLM status… hell, maybe I could do it myself if I knew how to write a WLM plugin.

It appears to me that Zune 4.8 has this built in. Working great for me on 8.5.


(Since I had to dig around for it, download’s here. One other link was actually for a 101mb web installer which no longer works with the servers being down.)

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Yeah, it turns out I just forgot to enable the “Show what I’m listening to” thing :stuck_out_tongue: