YouTube Randomly Removes my videos

On June 21st, I’ve made a live playing Minecraft after I was done, I decided to upload some music. After a few hours all my videos got removed. They say that it’s maybe a scam. I sent them an appeal and the videos got back but today I got more emails about my videos for the same reason. I’ve had enough! I am switching to Vlare.

After my video got back:

After a few minutes:

It’s YouTube, what do you expect? Of course it’s horrible.
Have you even checked the email address?

vlare is owned by the human equivalent of mr krabs from spongebob, apparently the music might be copyrighted and you got a strike

Obviously copyright exists and you cannot do anything about it

Yes I did, It’s legit

I literally just played Minecraft on my phone. How in the actual f*ck is that a copyright?
Also the music was made by me, and the music is back only my live isn’t. Understood?

there is still such thing as false strikes, and they’re bad on youtube

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