You will hate me for this

I usede IE10 and it worked for me


sorry… just i used it and i feel a bit guilty


thx :smile:

cool! but i think use edge better



Why you said clickbait?

I used IE 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 11 as my default browsers, 7 is my favorite version.

how is that clickbait lmao

what’s so bad in using IE10?

not bad !

I’m glad to hear it works for someone. IE10 is the version where I stopped using IE as a primary browser.

The beta program for IE10 didn’t go well; a majority of the bugs (issues) were left open and just before release, they were all resolved as “non reproducible”, which effectively killed them. Normally, a lot of the open bugs would be “punted” to the next release to be looked at/fixed later, but that didn’t happen with IE10.

The most annoying bug (I assume it was fixed later on) was that after using the browser for a few days, IE would completely refuse to open new tabs, until you restarted the whole thing. It was a small annoyance for sure, but IE was already falling so far behind, and there wasn’t much benefit in continuing to be frustrated.

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In old times I loved IE. It was my primary web browser around 2007-2008. Also 2009 iirc. In my previous school also used the IE8 'til 2012 primarily :stuck_out_tongue: It was so fast in that time, stable and etc but it always showed security risk windows which they was so nonsense in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you guys but my dad is going to UNINSTALL IT

Your dad is weird

no it isn’t
just uninstalls IE10 just because nobody uses it now

wait how can you un install ie

disable features of windows>Internet Explorer (version)>disable