You guys know how to install HTML5 in a old browser?

i really want to install HTML5 in a old browser , you know how ?

HTML5 is an updated version of the HTML specification, not a plugin, so in the case of older browsers, there’s no way in getting HTML5 to properly render in them.

Best you use a browser that’s up to date with the HTML5 standard, like Firefox, Chrome, or even IE 11 of all things. :stuck_out_tongue:

my main browser is a 100% up to date google chrome , iam trying to get HtML5 working in safari 5.1.7 … sad

Well, stick with Google Chrome, then. As I said before, there’s no way to “update” old browsers to properly render HTML5.

You can use (I forgot the name but its blue moon something) firefox clone browser with the netscape plugin/theme if you really want it

Pale Moon?

that dont resolve my poblem , because i want to use SAFARI 5.1.7

safari is the next ie

eee NO

what is wrong with modern browsers? you prefer looks over functions? use fucking firefox, the latest firefox is good as it was

boy , i just want to use safari as my SECONDARY BROWSER , i use a 100% up to date google chrome that works perfect

just use the latest safari then

the latest safari for WINDOWS is 5.1.7

im pretty sure that supports HTML5

this is a violation of the eula you know…

ok im joking that applyed to safari 3.1.2 only


“2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions

A. This Licence allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time”

– safari 3.1.x licence

that is for mac os x not safari ‘-’ , safari have a windows version so stop saying wrong information

Windows Safari hasn’t been updated for years