You decide if i should leave this community

Should i?

I’ve thinked of doing this pool for a long time, because i feel like i’m not welcome in this community.
Also, MessengerGeek in these days had the worst users (Leo_Historias, GreenStarYT/Informatic_Star)
So… i will see if i am actually welcomed or not.


  • Leave this community
  • Don’t leave this community

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Honestly, I think that’s a decision you, and I mean YOU, should make. Not only do I worry about incredibly rude bias from other users, since you’ve seemed to rack up a bad reputation, but the poll will basically be a battle between your “haters” and your “fans.” Also, from my point of view, if I’d want to make a life-changing decision (yours isn’t really that, but still something that needs lots of thought), then I’d think about it long and hard before making it final, or else I would set myself up for doing something I’d probably regret because the decision-making on it was hastily made. I don’t want others controlling my life or important decisions that will probably have a big impact, and that should apply to everyone else, including you.

well, if you leave the forum, you can always come back :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t worry
all of those users have been punished

i know… but MessengerGeek isn’t the same
and neither Escargot

i joined in August, i was really hyped about Escargot but…
it’s not the same anymore until November 1…