You cannot recover the password

I had the account for over a week and it still doesn’t let me reset the mysterious password welp

Unfortunately, I can’t test this myself, as I don’t have all the money in the world to spare on new phone numbers, and SMS burners are a gateway to potential hacks, but I’d just like to bring up this specific part of my tutorial and see if that fixes the problem:

Note without being logged in. As in on the site.

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Well, i logged out and closed the Windows client and logged out from the web, opened an incognito window, entered the UIN and the captcha and it just says You Cannot recover the password. I’m kinda clueless here, i also tried using the phone number and i get the same results :confused:
and ofc the password is incorrect because there isn’t one on the first place
on the footer there’s a link called attach mail but it goes to the settings page and you really can’t attach an email account to your ICQ account, wtf?

Now I remember that the Captcha is a bit tricky to convince, and as a last resort, try reloading the Captcha and fill it in multiple times until you get past the form. Other than that, I think ICQ/Mail.RU might be on our tail. :confused:

I know what you’re talking about, and that requires that you have a password attached to your account, which you can’t add anymore. Changing your password without the password reset service requires you to specify your old password, so that’s out of the question. Heck, even changing your phone number, which “Mail.RU” advertises as the “preferred” way to login to ICQ, requires you to specify your non-existent password. The profile page doesn’t even have the option to let you add a password to your account. I bet this whole not being able to add an e-mail/password to your account thing is a catch 22 for people who didn’t sign up pre-“Mail.RU”, and it’s either “Mail.RU” basically telling users “Sorry, but you must use your phone number to login because we don’t care about anonymity anymore”, or they know that old clients as far as 2000a work, and removing the ability to add a password to your account was the cheapest way they could think of to lock users out of using them, although it doesn’t affect users with a password on their account, doesn’t it?

But if you have to specify your password in order to change your phone number, then what would happen if you lost that phone number? Would you have to reclaim it somehow? And as far as I know, if you were going to switch mobile providers, then they won’t be able to get the phone number you registered from the previous provider. Or if someone else got your old phone number, then you’re locked out, since when logging in with a phone number, ICQ will send a verification code to that phone number via SMS every time, and if you don’t have a password on your account, there’s no other way in. And there’s the off chance that if somebody with shady intentions now has the phone number associated with your ICQ and if they had SMS features with said phone number, they could simply login with your phone number, get the verification code from their end, and do whatever they wanted on your account. The last part is an edge case, but it still shows how this whole “login with your phone number” thing is flawed all over.

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Or russia is blocking to send mail of this password discusion