Yep, Building an arcade

So yeah, I’m building an arcade. With the help of some persons at cps2 shock f.e. I’m finally gonna have an arcade machine with street fighter Zero. It’s aroun less than 1000€,is it OK?

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its just Street Fighter Alpha but its Japanese

I know…

also why is there a flag of france next to your name?

a new feature in messengergeek version 69.42.0.

but how does it work?

go to preferences.

then to profile and at the end there’s national flag.

there’s my national flag!

yep, did it right. and you can change it!

do know you friday night funkin’?

look im an undefined!

heard of it but yeah, let’s stay in the topic

ok, does it use retropie, the arcade you made

no it’s Jamma.

but what system?

Capcom’s Play System 2.

how does it looks like, the blue or the gray?

G r e e n. since Mega Man Power Battle CPS2’s edition is only japanese. but blue too.

how’s the cartridge?