Yellow/Orange Screen of Death on Windows 10! (VERY RARE)

I was playing GTA 5 on my Laptop and I made a manually BSOD (Ctrl + Scroll Lock), but then,
It’s suddenly showing Orange Screen of Death that was very rare.

(not modified at all)

it’s not very rare, but a bit Rare:

I got this by:
playing GTA 5 with low end mods on ThinkPad T430, using Windows 10 LTSC 2019.

But when i not playing GTA 5 or do something other, it’s showing BSOD normally.


i guess gta changes some system values when running? this is really weird.

Seems to suggest something related to the GPU, but it’s a manual crash, so, i’m not sure what is going on.

I did it manual, so it’s think that i got GPU error.

Edit: I was able to get it again for second time, so it’s not too rare, It’s was possible because I play GTA 5 in 800x600 on ThinkPad and i got it again.

an update to the kernel changes how screens of death work, it goes a little something like this

  • Blue: an issue occured with the kernel itself
  • Orange: a device (or its driver) malfunctioned and is unsafe to use
  • Green: kernel crash, just on windows insider builds
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