«Ye Olde ICQ» new OSCAR Legacy icq server

Hey guys! Let me introduce a newOLD ICQ legacy version on oscar protocol.

Our project based by IServerd.

5 easy steps to enjoy old ICQ:

  • Go to project site http://icq.sadmin.io/
  • Easy registery, just click on English version link on top
  • You will get e-mail with UIN and link to download all working clients, recommended for first use Qip2005-7940, but work ICQ 99-2003-05-6.5 etc (maybe some bugs).
  • Enter UIN and Pass in program, change server to: “icq.sadmin.io” port default:5190
  • add UIN: 54321 and write !help to enjoy chat room with all others Ye Olde ICQ users
    Wellcome home!

Внимание! Attention! Warning! Alarm!
Not all ICQ client workin correct or even can connect. Iservd suppord only old oscar protocol v5 and lower, so you can use only client that work with oscar v5!
List of clients that working of 99%:

  • Qip2005-v7940 and lower
  • ICQ 99-2000-2001-2003-2005-6.5 Working but have some bugs(for first run and add contact better use Qip)
  • Jimm 0.4.3 and lower
  • Miranda lower v8
    other not fully tested client you will get on e-mail

If you have some issues, bugs or any question ask it, we try to help, or write it in our UIN:10000\10001 :wink:

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This is actually really cool tbh.