Yahoo! Together shutting down after 5 months of collecting dust and no publicity

They couldn’t even get Together to last more than a couple years. Kind of disappointing, as they had their chance with Yahoo! Messenger, but then Verizon started to make it go downhill by shutting down the classic servers 3 years ago and offered the more bland and generic modern version they released a year prior as a replacement for the old Yahoo! Messenger, which they then shut down last year, only to point to a generic group messaging app in beta named Squirrel that was then renamed to Yahoo! Together. Considering this chain of event started not too long after Verizon bought Yahoo!, I wouldn’t be surprised that they screwed things up by trying to shamelessly pander to what they think people want, only for them to see their plans bomb and not care. At this point, I think Yahoo! will only exist because of their Mail service.



Emm… Yahoo, what the fuck are you doing?

Another legacy messenger bites the dust.

not really legacy, is it?

Well yes because it was out with MSN Messenger at the time.

yahoo together and yahoo messenger are completely different aside from both being from yahoo :stuck_out_tongue:

that I didn’t know! Haven’t been part of Yahoo for at least 10 years!

Also, Yahoo! Messenger as a service shut down on August of last year, with the servers for the original Yahoo! Messenger client being shut down two years prior as a way to force people to use their new “improved” client, which I can tell you personally was the exact opposite of what they claimed.