Yahoo! Together - No longer Together

It’s April 4th, and although a bit overdue, Yahoo! Together officially shuts down. When I try to log on the app, it fails and tells me to try again. The app was removed from the Play Store a few hours ago, but the official service took a while to shut down. This isn’t only an end to Together, but Yahoo’s messaging and chat endeavours as a whole. I’m not kidding, Messenger was at a sweet spot for them and then they tarnished it and destroyed it with first a super stripped-down version of their Messenger app, then replaced with a bland mobile-only group messaging app originally named Squirrel, that’s now the “critically acclaimed” Yahoo! Together. Let’s give a moment of silence for Yahoo’s messaging products that had hope.

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Why am i still able to login though. I still get the anmoying “Yahoo together is going away soon” message