Yahoo! Messenger Sound Pack for MSN Messenger (NOT for Messenger Plus!)


Hey guys! :slight_smile:

We all know that Escargot’s Yahoo! Messenger frontend is taking some time to finish, but I’d like to release something that I think would tickle your fancy.

A Yahoo! Messenger sound pack!

And I don’t mean Messenger Plus! sound packs that let you send sound in conversations. I mean sounds to replace the default event sounds in MSN Messnger. Instructions do come in the form of a text file on which sounds replace what. :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyways, here’s the sound pack: Yahoo! Sound Pack for MSN (336.3 KB)

Enjoy! :wink:


if there was a way to also replace discord sounds, m u c h p l e a s e d


Sorry. Don’t specialize in Discord. :stuck_out_tongue:


it seems after a reddit post, they made it even harder, jesus discord


Well, what can you do? :stuck_out_tongue:


not sure, install beautifuldiscord and load custom css? thats what i did


That’s why I like pure (Win32) desktop applications. Much easier to customize and make your own. :stuck_out_tongue: