Yahoo! Messenger Pre-Patched

This piece of garbage is still broken, gonna try something else.

thanks :smiley:

False positive. From what I remember the last time I used Chrome you should give Ctrl + J and it will probably tell you that the file contains malware. Just ignore and open the file.

From what I found, Chrome refuses to let me open it

Disable Real Time Protection in your antivirus

Okay, I fixed the setup file :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve fixed it

I installed it, but does not opens, i clicked several times in the program but does not open

Huh. Strange. I had that issue at first too.

I think you need the regular version of Yahoo! Messenger installed too

But what Yahoo! Messenger version?

Version 6.00

Sankyu, i will see if works

add me omega_br

Link Please?

Whats the point of this post? just post “this piece of garbage is still broken. whatever.”, then post as a reply to some yahoo messenger related post

the point of this post was for people to download yahoo messenger pre-patched but the chrome kept saying it was virus then they took the link

How bout’ be patient? I think I lost the new tool I made so I’ve gotta start from scratch again.