Yahoo messenger en una pagina llamada esta disponible en iwarg

spanish:chicos hay una pagina para poder hacer funcionar yahoo messenger pero solo la vercion 6 y dicen que la 5 tambien y esta en la pagina para descargar el yahoo lean lo que dice la pagina para poder usarlo inglish :guys there is a page to be able to run yahoo messenger but only version 6 and they say that the 5 also and is on the page to download the yahoo read what the page says to be able to use it

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ICQ is technically still operating, but it’s completely different from its classic counterparts. One major thing being that statuses aren’t a thing anymore, so it’s more like texting than anything else really.

i want to believe i can just use iwarg for ICQ

guys I already have 2 instant messengers and I have worked are windows live messenger / MSN messenger AIM and yahoo messenger add me: wink: I will pass a photo of those 3 messengers my email from WLM screename from AIM: gamingthomas123