Im a huge Y2K fan, i really miss this type of design for anything!
Round, bulgy, semi transparent cases, just dripping with personality!
Are you guys fans too? Or maybe you hate it? Tell us why!

<— accurate af yoo


I’m definitely on board with these designs, although the improvements in size (say 2008 vs 2001) were appreciated, so I would lean more towards that part of the era.

I think some of these design elements you’ve mentioned do still exist, but they’re far less obvious and plentiful. For instance, my xbox controller is semi-transparent, there are still options for devices with buttons (as long as they’re not phones), and from time to time, companies will have the option for vibrant colours. I admit you have to dig deep and a lot of these have been delegated to “gamer” or other niches that aren’t in the mainstream.

Also, your image reminded me of this:

This is from the early 2000s, and it’s just a render (unfortunately), but it’s how Frog design imagined their WMP skin design would look at a physical music player. For comparison, here’s what it looks like in WMP:

Almost 20 years later, this design could be tweaked into a pretty cool phone with only slight changes, with buttons (imagine gaming on that) and even a headphone jack!