XP Live A New Starter for Computers

Today I decided To Make A Windows XP Starter With MSN 7.5 or 6.2 or other AdAware Audacity and others!

Is Being Released When I Want To Release It ;D

W A R N I N G ! W A R N I N G !

The Starter Is Not In .Iso So I Need Someone To Make This A .Iso file
Oh And also The Starter Is In French For Some…

Thanks Everyone (except the toxic gang -_-)

P.S. DM me on messenger geek or E-mail: sdreemurrpro@outlook.fr ans it may being compatible vista and 7


it will come with parrampa the rapper sounds if you wants :wink:

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Dont Even Think About Adding That
You Kanaya Talkin Ass


Hey Only I Can Talk Like Kanaya

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AdAware Is Not Confirmed But It’s Sure There is A AV or AM

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We Are Not In Four Words History Actually Texte préformaté

I need dev for XP Live For Make A .iso file and choose correctly the files

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For I Am A True Virgo

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he wanted to make his version of a windows pack for windows xp

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