Workaround for WMP12 on Windows 7

can someone make a workaround so the
can be replace the old fau music services on wmp 12 on win7 that does not work anymore?

could be worth a try if you can swap out the urls?

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Using this knowledge, I tried this, and it does seem to fill in missing tracks and is able to query again. But despite the server’s responses being identical to those on Windows 10, the album art doesn’t seem to download.

I have access to a Windows 7-era version of the requests and the album art seems to be done by a relative path instead of an absolute path like it is now, but it’s not clear how it works exactly. Lots of other free tools to grab album art for your music files though.

If you want to try it yourself, add: to your hosts file.


it works thank you very much!!!


Does not work for WPM11?

try it yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I did the test and added the address line on hosts file, but still can’t find the media information online. I believed the same trick worked in WMP11.