Wlm2012 no winks


i recently formatted my system, and reinstalled wlm2012 + msnplus600 again.
I noticed that my list of winks are gone.

Anyone has an idea how i can get those standard winks back?


what do you mean they are gone??


well, wenn you install a plain version of wlm2012, you allways get those standard winks.

But they are gone.


go to users/(your name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Messenger/(your email you sigh in on messenger)/ObjectStore/Winks3

go inside that folder and tell if you see any files


The winks3 folder does not exsists in my objectstore folder.


thats weird…usually after format ,and reinstall it should be there. ask jonathan better!


i tried to copy a stock winks3 folder from a friend, to my object store folder.
But also no luck. :frowning:

@TReKiE do you have any further idea´s maybe?


try to install in a clean windows system,without the messenger plus.

log in with your account. it might be fixed


Nope thats one of the first things i exaly tried, with a Virtual Machine :smile:
non of my accounts get those stock winks anymore.


weird :confused: did you try another hotmail account???


yes tried that aswell, no luck either.


very strange. try contact jonathan via email on live chat