WLM2011 in [im]possible future

my last favorite version of WLM was 2011. I have info that one of the last developers of the project and server has ceased his activity.
I just want to dream a little about how it would be because until 2011 I was using WLM

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Make the local server, but Im’s dont work. and is so buggy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, i found out that bug on the local server. I was the first who found out that wlm 11 logs in with local server i belive. Just as Also_world said, DM doesnt work and social too.

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bonjours, et bien moi cela fonctionne tres bien, et pour cela il faut mettre windows live messenge 2011 reborn alpha v1

what is that?

we should put WLM 2011 reborn alpha 1

Time in this forum is a flat circle.

This CatSpeak situation will never end.