WLM14/2009 connects to local server. HYPE!


lol my hosts file reseted so i had to do the patching again


msn/wlm 2009/14!? Yuck! no thanks!!

the real hype is for MSN 9.0.1407.1107 beta!
the last REALLY good version before steve ballmer took over and ruined the whole thing
I don’t get why it’s not even listed in the front page
it had a limited distribution but it wasn’t THAT limited that the staff shoudn’t know about it

seriously it was so cool that everyone had their own custom login sound ( that your friends hear when you log in! )

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xD the problem is the spanish version in windows… and the bad translation xD


what did you say about my boi steve ballmer


And when it will be released ? :stuck_out_tongue: ^^


When it will be released :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait! The news will come soon on the main software download page :stuck_out_tongue: stop asking. Just keep watching.



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i want also to consider!:smiley:

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hahahahah :joy:


3 months later

Why… Just why.

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this tread is not going to dissapear


oops… Anyways whats the progress with wlm09