WLM14/2009 connects to local server. HYPE!


does he know @Leo_Historias is gone?


I think so, but he still thinks that MessengerGeek isn’t the place it used to be, and I’m not gonna lie, it has taken several steps backwards. But that’s a topic for another day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Several steps?

This place 仆街’d quite a bit more than “several”. Let’s try 500!..

That’s 500 factorial btw.


it’s a long ass number


That is good to know. :smile:


But when we have the opportunity to try it? Tommorow, November, 7/7/2019? Just let a year, month and day, Hype will be more and more when is almost to WLM 14 COME OUT!


I’m just having a ratón?


Please, take a seat. Thank you for choosing HYPE TRAIN

i know im late lol


Which seats are avaliable?


VIP seats


Oh :sob:


Please dont worry sir VIP seats are available for mg users


Ok :smiley:
Consider me in!


Ok your in


can i have one?


sure :stuck_out_tongue:


i want too!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I Want invite too :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too. :stuck_out_tongue:


People your all in no need to ask