WLM14/2009 connects to local server. HYPE!



rant rant war war


How well they managed to connect the wlm 2009 with a local server I hope they connect the 2009 wlm with escargot


Before the wlm 209 is supported you should fix some features. ex. voice-video chat, welcome to msn page maybe.


Leo historias will be happy lmao


circles in wlm 8.5 is also a good idea to fix >.>


HYPE!!! :smiley:


Oh boy, this’ll be awesome!


how you did it, teach me!




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVJqvA2wbXw #HYPE :V


Yeaaaa Messenger 2009 Por fin funcionara :smile:


si por fin va a funcionar wlm 2009 ojala lo conecten a escargot


I can’t wait!!! :S


when it will be release?




(8)im going off the rails of a crazy hype train(8)


Ahhhhh, yeaah!! Can’t wait to use WLM2009 ;u;
It was my favorite one back in the day <3


BOY a dejar esto por aquí… :v


ommmggg… can you give me download link to your server please :pray::pray::pray:


LOL it was a fork of the original Escargot server, and that aside, from personal testing, it won’t work with the usual patching procedures, especially since our msidcrl40.dll makes WLM 2009 crash after successful sign-in, and some important URLs are no longer in the main executable, so you’re stuck with HOSTS entries for the time being, one of them redirecting login.live.com, a URL that is still used for Microsoft SSO, so be sure to remove that specific entry when you’re done testing.