WLM Games SDK?

Is there any documentation for the development of games and applications for wlm?

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Yep, there was an Activities SDK. Everything you need should be in there.

And this isn’t all that helpful, but here’s a deck that was done for 2005 PDC conference.


omg no

Oh that’s a common problem with extracting downloaded chm files with the default archiver, you need to extract the file somewhere, then go into the properties for the chm and unblock it.

tnx but i already finded the same documentation on web archive
btw for somefuck wlm don’t see config file in parent directory

hello again! do you know which the latest version of wlm 2009 has i’m (charity program) emoticon?

Only older versions will use it, like 7.x.

QFE3 (14.0.8117.416) is where that got removed, all versions of 2009 prior have the feature.

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