WLM For Android


Give me what I said


I want wlm apk

I actually want 2009 memes

What’s the blured text? Deez nuts oh ye mr crabs watch me whip watch me nae nae watch me whip whip watch me nae nae it’s peanut butter jelly




You did it. Wow. You guys are smart.


eEeEEEEeEEEeeEeEeeeEeeEeeEee eh. Pidgin sucks any way.
Find out that.




Um… isn’t that kind of ironic to say? No offense.


dude u can’t just take a .exe and turn it into a working android app. Even if u tried and converted (somehow) the exe, it wouldn’t even install


Then a jar


Why is it so difficult to understand that you cannot do that?


I would say firck ouy ruoy annog ekam siht tnemmoc tsli gnol ko. stop it. Pidgin sucks.
Find out the reversed words!


I can’t. Ok. You got me.




so a good multi IM that works fine and dont eat so much CPU and RAM sucks ? you have serious poblems


But eh. Pidgins okay I guess? At least it’s not a space crumbler.


pidgin is a good IM in the Minimum


what’s the reversed text.


the nickname says it all