WLM does not connect anymore error code 81000395 [solved]


My wlm refuses to connect with error code above.

Any idea´s @TReKiE ?


verify your account


What do you mean?


1.Go to www.microsoft.com
2.Sing in,in your account from microsoft’s website
3.When you sign in,may microsoft say that you are not verify your account

maybe this is the problem


everything worked fine untill today.
The only thing i did was updating flashplayer.

Wenn its connecting it loads feeds and contacts, and wenn it should login it say nope i cant


I also tried on my laptop Flashplayer update is not the cause of the problem.


Wenn i try to login at outlook.com or hotmail.com i get an error.
That they could not look up my account.


Anyone knows if there is any problem with Microsoft services atm?
i also tried my other hotmail adress doesnt work either.

Update: wenn i try to acces hotmail.com or outlook.com i get a error in firefox.
Secure connection failled.


Why Microsoft.com?

I dont really get what you mean.
you mean outlook.com or hotmail.com?


Okay Hotmail is probablly under attack.
It seems to be hacked.

Be aware!.




Dont do it.

outlook / hotmail etc is hacked.
Login.live.com is redirected, dont enter your password.


reallly now???


maybe microsoft works or repair hotmail


Does your messenger works?

I also tried to recieve email in my email clien configured as imap.
But i get a athentification error.

This seems to be global.


messenger works


Then your country might not be affected.

Just do a google search manny sites report issues.


ok i maybe this is the problem be aware!




ok so outlook and hotmail are under attack


Live aswell.

I got you in my list remember? :wink: