WLM connection issues

Hi all! So, after I upgraded to WLM '09 I’ve seen constant disconnects, and many times I couldn’t log back in. Does anyone have this problem too?

yes and there’s a reason:


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Thought so. Happens like every 20 minutes.

also sometimes its CONGESTED

It’s congested right now. I think that implementing WLM '09 wasn’t a good idea. The servers are barely chugging along.

but hey the dream was granted :wink:

Yeah, but does it matter if it doesn’t work every 5 minutes?

the servers are having hardware related issues, because its underpowered

I don’t know what server escargot uses, a vps? but they should accept donations to put a largest server.
Msn 2009 offers more services and a greater number of new users united, this it cannot work :frowning:

Yes you are right! Why escargo doesnt have a patreon jet or something
The chatting experience is so very boring. But right now, the server
seems to be stable, but i belive some hours later it will be again
offline or congested.

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  • The midnights. People are always logg in at midnight 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM, then the server is offline again, because of the many people

it uses an f1-micro on gcp, so yes. and IIRC they aren’t planning to setup a patreon or anything for donations, since hosting fees are manageable right now.

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Today is impossible, it keeps going down. It has been like this for almost an year now

The people responsible for escargot should have a patreon so we could donate so they improve the server, I sure would donate.