WLM 8 is out!


Valtron finally launched Version 8 of Escargot MSN Messenger/WLM !!!


yestarday we were joking on a post about WLM, and then the next day it gets released LOL


Can’t wait to see all of the posts begging for 2009 and 2012, smh

Great news, though!


the era of WLM has just begun!!


Yes!! I may consider trying to track down a Windows Vista laptop, or set up a Windows Vista VM so I can try this.

8.1 is my favourite version from what I remember, or it could have been 8.0 or 8.5, somewhere around there.


8.0 and 8.5 will be supported soon. stay tuned.


time to pull out the old snail (get it, my laptop…the escargot icon is a snail)



cant type in all caps so… rant rant war war


since WLM 8 is out, will 8.5 be out soon? cuz to try the signature sounds to give it more zazz


it’s already here
yes WLM 8.5 is supported but it’s not written on the website


how can i get the wlm 8.5 escargot?


Nice! I have been wanting to try it though, for some reason I get an error while logging in.
(I downloaded WLM8 from the escargot site itself).
Using Windows XP (Old school y’see). Thanks!


Unfortunately, the WLM don’t work in Windows XP.


Ah nuts, oh well. Thanks for letting me know!


You’re welcome. Because Internet Explorer 6/7/8 in Windows XP does not support SNI, logging on is not possible. And servers tailored to make Windows XP connect are too expensive to maintain.


Ah got it. Good to know! I guess I can always try it in a VM with Vista. I appreciate the help!


From Windows Vista works, since his Internet Explorer already supports SNI.


so, it’s not compatible only because IE? So, if you copy Vista’s IE version to XP, shouldn’t it work?


IE8 does not supports SNI, and Windows XP does not supports IE9 and newest versions .-.


It may seem strange, but Internet Explorer 6/7/8 in Windows XP does not support SNI. Already Vista Internet Explorer 7/8/9 support.