WLM 8.5 won't let me enter my email or password on Wine

For some reason whenever I try to enter my email/password, it won’t let me.

Any help?

EDIT: I’m using Wine on Ubuntu MATE 17.10

In order to be of assistance, we’ll need to know any error messages appearing, error codes shown, operating system used, that sort of thing.

Oh, forgot to include that. I’m using Wine 3.4 on Ubuntu MATE 17.10.

Ah, yeah that makes more sense now :wink:

I’m not sure which Wine I was using at the time, but recently I attempted using 8.5 and although I managed to sign in, the conversation text boxes had the same issue. This isn’t too surprising as the newer Messenger versions use more non-standard user interface elements/libraries.

However, I have found that 7.5 works. For my use, I am using PlayOnLinux with the following components/libraries selected:


For some odd reason I can’t download any of those. The download keeps failing when I get to 8MB.

EDIT: Works perfectly in wget, too!

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how did u use wget?

It doesnt work, follwed the steps but the email box is small yeah