WLM 8.5: Issues with syncing added contacts and nicknames/personal messages

Hey, just wanted to know if there’re more people facing these kind of issues.

Now that I am using WLM 8.5, I noticed that it takes a long, long time for your new nicknames/personal messages to update in your own client. The same goes to added contacts and that’s the real headache. If I just added someone and this person accepted me and is online, he’ll either show up with his e-mail as nickname (as if he hasn’t accepted me yet) and offline, or with proper nickname but offline.

Logging off and logging back on (or closing the client entirely and reopening) seems to update your nickname and personal message in your client, but not always, I think. Regarding added contacts, it also seems that if both contacts (the one who is adding and the one who has accepted) close and reopen their clients, they’ll appear in each other’s contacts list properly with online status.

This has been happening with some contacts of mine and myself for now, is anyone going through the same? Any solution?

i have this issue with msn Messenger 7.5 but 8.5 resolved it

I have the same 2 problems and i also had with the version 8.1 but not with the version 7.5. For status, i must to change it, save, and i absolutely need to loggoff myself and after when i’m relogging , the changes takes effect :open_mouth: