WLM 8.5 contact list error!

Hi Mates!
Strange problem:
If someone adds me to contact list from wlm 8.5 i don’t get the invitation,
From msn 7.5 i can accept the invitation, but after i log back to wlm 8.5 the accepted contact does not appear in my contact list.
Any solution for this issue?

I noticed that its long to recieve invitations from other people. It have a delay. I also noticed that if i connect like 4-5 times i recieve the invitations… Strange on 7.5 it was quick.

Last time I waited for a week signing in twice a day…
Nothing… :frowning2:

Oh :frowning: In my case, if i connect on msn with my portable, i have 322 contacts in my friend group. But when i connect with my pc i have 329 contacts so i dont know why it miss some contacts when i loggin with my laptop… Its strange…

Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? xD