WLM 8.1 - Problem with install

Hello folks, it’s been a while.

A friend told me about the WLM 8.1 version and I runned for it to try and… I got this error from the pic bellow during installation:

I’ve checked if this was a conflict with WLM 2012 (MSN Reviver) but it isn’t.
I use MSN 7.5 “portable”, so I don’t see a reason to conflict with the Install of WLM.
Microsoft Visual C++, maybe?

Also, anyone knows/have some version of MSN Plus to work with this new WLM? I tried the patch-sounds of Trekkie and doesn’t worked here (7.5). :sweat:

Does this version have “screen-share image”?

thx you all.

There are a lot of possibilities here, for example a misconfiguration of another install package or permissions that have been modified, either by yourself or another tool (specifically \Windows\WinSxS\InstallTemp). Making an installer log file and using Process Monitor to see what’s actually happening would be essential if you are prepared to invest the time to solve this. If it will help, I am prepared to offer some remote assistance.

All that said, you can attempt to copy the 8.1 files from this zip into a folder and run msnmsgr and set up a shortcut just like 7.5. Note that beginning with WLM, this becomes less reliable a method and will not work in every configuration and might just crash.

Also for Plus!, you’ll need MsgPlus! Live, which is on the escargot page, however the Plus! installer isn’t going to work without some changes if Messenger isn’t installed normally, so this can be addressed after you get Messenger itself working.


The zip worked well here, that’s great.

About MSN Plus: I use MSN Plus with a “portable version” of 7.5. And it works fine, execpt for the custom sounds. I saw your post about the “MsnPlus Patched-sounds version” and I tried the automatic install such as manual install, and return the same server error; “There was an error trying to contact the server, please try again later.”

Maybe I got this server error because my MSN version is not from a Installer version? Even with I can use the other functions?

Thanks a lot man. MSN = you. <3