WLM 8.1 is here


WLM 8.1 has finally been released






Go to the official Escargot website


Excelent!!! Thx man :slight_smile:


Working well here so far :slight_smile:

Nice to have my Plus! scripts back too.


how do you get Plus! working on 8.1?
I downloaded an installer for Plus! 4.90 with Wayback machine but doesn’t work. Can you pass it, please?


I am so happy that WLM is finally here! My favorite version is back! :smiley:


The installer for 4.83 is on the escargot page and the version I’m using.

If that doesn’t solve it, does the Plus! menu appear at all?


Great! Now it works!
Also, can I help translating WLM 8 to spanish? :slight_smile: I’d like to contribute


So, what version of MSNP are we up to now?


idk, send a PM to one of the Devs (not Valtron, he already has a hard time with nofications and emails everyday)

PS/edit/ Does this work on Windows XP or do i have to stick with MSN 6.2 on my VM?


So this is the moment we all waited for :slight_smile:

Congrats to the Escargot devs for their hard work during this :slight_smile:

EDIT: it seems that you have to run as Admin to make it work, since it crashes when you run normally

EDIT 2: also if you are going to run as admin you have to set compatibility mode to Vista, since without doing it will make you go through the program “repairing”




ok i stop


it does not work on windows xp, i just get the “your contact list is not available right now so you can’t login”


i’d suggest you to install it on windows vista.


can i login anyway with Mercury Messenger on MSNP15?




but vista is my main pc with my main 2nd and 3rd accounts on it